Vijay Kedia buys more shares of his pet stock

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    If you have ever wondered how savvy investors always have an upper hand over novice investors, it is because of their ability to look beyond the present and foresee future events. Vijay Kedia is one such investor, who pounces on every opportunity where he foresees potential for modest gains.

    In his twitter profile, Vijay Kedia rightly describes himself as “An opportunist in the so called ‘Bull & Bear’ market”. Yesterday, like an opportunist he bought 96,725 shares of Repro India, at Rs 425/share shelling out ~ Rs 4 crores.

    Vijay Kedia already held 557,209 shares in Repro India (2.11% of the company). With this purchase his total shareholding is a whopping 653,934 shares which at CMP of Rs 428 is worth ~ Rs 28 crores.

    Repro India has an interesting business model. It is a provider of content, print and fulfillment solutions to publishers, corporates, education institutions and governments. It produces and delivers content in multiple formats, such as education books, children's books, trade books, e-books, interactive formats, annual reports and magazines. The Company provides print solutions to clients, which includes value engineering, designing, pre-press, printing, post-press, knitting and assembly, warehousing, dispatch, database management, sourcing and procurement, localization and Web based services. Repro India's content solutions include content digitization, content conversion and content management. The Company's print solutions include print on demand and short run printing, Web offset printing, sheet fed printing and post press. Repro India serves publishers and corporations across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

    It is a well timed buy, as the stock has corrected significantly from its high of ~Rs 600 and is now trading at ~ Rs 430 levels.

    The stock is already a multibagger for Vijay Kedia and his latest buying indicates there is more steam left in it.
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    I too like vijay kedia s investing style. he is humble and shares his knowledge. in repro i think its digitisation scheme playing out. they have presence in all over the world.
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    Vijay Kedia predicted that GST would pass and advised Gati & TCI to be bought. They are in good profit now. Even Heritage Foods is his pick. That stock is also expected to be 6 bagger. I thank Vijay Kedia for guidance to us :)