Wheels Looks Like Have Entered Secular Uptrend

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    Disclaimer : I am not SEBI Authorized Analyst, Please consult a SEBI Authorized Analyst Before you take action on this opinion.

    Analysis :
    Fundamental : Wheels has consistently posted YoY profits better than previous year since 2015. Consistent improvement in Net Profit usually results in Secular Uptrend.

    Technical : Price is above 50-200 EMA. Price has found support several times on 50-200 EMA. This is trait of stock in Secular Uptrend.
    Currently price bounced of 50-200 EMA, before bouncing it touched 30 on RSI thus making it clear demand has increased for stock.

    Verdict : It is safe to assume Wheels is right now in secular uptrend. If bought now you'll have risk of just 20% on investment
    For time Wheels is posting more Net profits than previous year there is no need to sell stock.
    Link to chart : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gVoJEE3tifrgyZ67RaAbIWcIF1ivrVK9
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