"Yesterday, I made Rs 30 Lakhs (Verified) On Capital of Rs 53 Lakh from Options Trading": Ammu M

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    "Yesterday, I made Rs 30 Lakhs (Verified) On Capital of Rs 53 Lakh from Options Trading": Young Malayali Woman Trader stuns with her brilliant timing and scalping strategy on expiry day. Expiries are usually gold mines of opportunity for sharp traders owing to the aggressive price action

    Ammu Mahadevan, a young woman trader, is very popular on Dalal Street for her live trades on YouTube where she regularly posts her trades which lead to profit of several lakh of rupees.

    Essentially, Ammu is a scalper with a preference for the Bank Nifty though she also trades the Finnifty and the Nifty options if they are available at lower rates. Her strategy is that she plots on her chart the Camarilla points of support and resistance along with several other important indicators like the Moving Averages etc.

    When the Index is close to the pivotal point of resistance or support, one of two things are likely to happen. Either the pivot will be respected or breached. This leads to a breakout or a breakdown. Ammu waits for a signal to decide what direction the market is taking and either goes long or short with a tight profit target and stop loss.

    "Get what is gettable. A few points on each trade is easy to get. Don't bother about Risk-reward ratios. Otherwise, you will get nothing," Ammu advised in her earlier videos emphasizing the mindset of a scalper.

    Ammu trades in large quantities of the Indices. A profit of even a few points constitutes a couple of lakhs.

    Expiry days are known to provide gold mines of opportunity for sharp traders owing to the GAMMA factor when options prices move aggressively.

    Thursday, 24th August 2023, was no different. Ammu was able to sense that the markets would plunge. She bought a massive quantity of Puts in the Nifty which exploded in value and yielded a profit of Rs 26 lakh. The rest of the profit arose from Puts in the Bank Nifty.

    "Milestone of My Life. If I can do it, so can you," she said, inspiring confidence in her followers.

    Naturally, her followers were thrilled at the outcome. Some compared the success to that achieved by ISRO's scientists.

    "Hi Ammu. Great achievement. Hats off to you. It's no way inferior to the achievement done by ISRO scientists. Even achieving 60℅ intraday is really great. Congratulations for your new dream car also in advance. Thanks for wishing us also to achieve such a feat. I know its lot of hard work, knowledge, experience, commitment, conviction and most of all self discipline, where most of us are lacking. Anyway hats off to you," one commented.

    "Wow, that's truly extraordinary and amazing! My heartiest congratulations on this remarkable milestone! Your unwavering discipline and profound knowledge are nothing short of awe-inspiring. I find myself utterly dazzled by the sheer depth of expertise you've displayed. Keep that momentum flowing and embark on your incredible journey with unwavering determination. May you be showered with abundant blessings by the supreme!," another added.

    "We hope you make a crore daily. You absolutely deserve it. We would really appreciate if you bring back the learning like entry, exit, live trading in your videos back as that's the whole point of watching and learning from your videos. Looking forward to that," a third said.

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