Options trader Subasish Pani explains how he made (Verified) Rs 10 Cr gain

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    "If you respect the market & trade with a sensible & disciplined approach, it will respect you back & shower you with riches": Options trader Subasish Pani explains how he made (Verified) Rs 10 Cr gain

    Subasish Pani is amongst the handful of "high rollers" on Dalal Street who rake in gains of several crore in a year from options trading.

    He created a sensation a few days ago by revealing that his gain from F&O trading in the period from Aug 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022 aggregates a colossal Rs. 10,66,02,378.39. The gain from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023 is Rs 6,19,35,798.

    There are others as well such as youngster Ammu Mahadevan, a lady trader, who is making waves. She recently made a gain of Rs 30 lakh in a single trading day (see "Yesterday, I made Rs 30 Lakhs (Verified) On Capital of Rs 53 Lakh from Options Trading": Ammu M). No doubt, she has the skills to be a high roller as well in the near future.

    Subasish Pani has been at pains to emphasize that there is no rocket science involved in options trading and that anyone with a sensible head on his shoulders can achieve success.

    Most people fail because they want to become rich overnight. They take positions which are abnormal and disproportionate to their mental and monetary capital. Obviously, such situations lead to disaster.

    "The secret of my success is sustained effort over several years, disciplined approach & money (risk) management. Respect the Market with proper approach & it will respect you back with profits," he said with wisdom in his tone in one of his earlier videos.

    He also advised traders to use simple strategies with well defined rules of entry & exit, high win rate & good risk-reward.

    "Traders should focus on one strategy & master its' nuances. They should be disciplined & follow rules," he opined.

    One of Subasish's favourite strategies is the "5 EMA" in which we take buy or sell positions if the Index breaches the Exponential Moving Average. He described it as "The only Trading Strategy You Need" and explained the entire strategy with painstaking detail.

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